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Case Study: Empowering an Aspiring Author and Ministry Leader

Client Profile: Mr. Samuel Godwin Aoussi, President of Zion Outreach Worldwide

Challenge: Mr. Samuel Godwin Aoussi, a passionate ministry leader and aspiring author, faced the challenge of publishing his book on prominent platforms like Amazon and Rakuten Kobo. He lacked the technical knowledge and resources to navigate the complex world of self-publishing and online book distribution. Additionally, he sought to establish an online presence for his ministry but was unsure of where to start.

Solution: NeoVisage Ltd., a leading digital solutions provider, stepped in to assist Mr. Aoussi in achieving his goals. Leveraging their expertise in book publishing and website design, NeoVisage embarked on a comprehensive solution to address Mr. Aoussi’s challenges.

How We Helped:

  1. Book Publishing: NeoVisage guided Mr. Aoussi through the intricacies of self-publishing on Amazon and Rakuten Kobo. They provided him with step-by-step assistance, ensuring his book was properly formatted, edited, and prepared for online distribution. This resulted in a smooth and efficient publishing process.
  2. Website Design: Recognizing the importance of an online presence, NeoVisage designed a user-friendly and visually appealing website for Zion Outreach Worldwide. The website showcased the ministry’s mission, activities, and resources, creating a digital platform for engagement and outreach.
  3. Payment Gateway Integration: To monetize Mr. Aoussi’s content, NeoVisage integrated a secure payment gateway into the website. This allowed visitors to purchase and download his PDF book seamlessly, contributing to the ministry’s financial sustainability.

Outcome: Thanks to NeoVisage’s diligent efforts, Mr. Aoussi achieved remarkable results:

  • His book was successfully published on Amazon and Rakuten Kobo, making him a published author on these renowned platforms.
  • Zion Outreach Worldwide’s website served as a hub for connecting with the ministry’s audience, sharing its vision, and accessing valuable resources.
  • The payment gateway integration facilitated sales of Mr. Aoussi’s book, generating revenue for the ministry’s initiatives.

Future Prospects: With his first book published and website launched, Mr. Aoussi is now equipped with the tools to expand his ministry’s reach. He is working on his second book, confident that NeoVisage will once again provide exceptional support in his publishing journey.

Testimonial: “NeoVisage has turned my dreams into reality. They not only helped me publish my book but also created an amazing website for my ministry. Their professionalism and dedication are truly commendable.” – Mr. Samuel Godwin Aoussi, President of Zion Outreach Worldwide

NeoVisage Ltd. continues to empower individuals and organizations like Mr. Aoussi, helping them thrive online and achieve their digital aspirations.